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  1. HI Wes, I do have a relevant question. I'm operating a Tree service company in Houston the 4th most populated city in the U.S. I know we can only have one address and one website per business, and would like to know your professional thoughts on my adding addiitonal pages to my current 5 pack. Specifically, I'm considering adding extensions to my primary url https://aldinetreeservices.com/
    To highlight the other important cities. One example which is not live could be: https://aldinetreeservices.com/sugar-land-tree-removal.
    Do you feel this extension length would be counter productive? Some of my competitors remain rogue: For example, one continues trying to trick Google into thinking they operate out of 4 different towns local to Houston. I don't want to do anything shady, and would like to get as much bang for my buck for areas in the Metro Houston market. There are literally dozens of cities/towns within 30 miles.
    Thanks for sharing any of your thoughts.


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