Dave2D review of the 2018 Apple MacBook Air.
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The new Macbook Air is the cheapest laptop from Apple with the modern styling. It is also one of the best laptop for students from Apple. It has had some big improvements like a retina display and much improved hardware but the pricing isn’t as attractive anymore.

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  1. I’m so proud to say after two MacBooks with the screen blowing out, and my iPhone “running out of storage” , and then running out again after moving 6k photos to google , I’ve finally had apple smack me in the face enough to never use their products again. Rejoice, this pixel 4a is great, and so is Fi

  2. Well, I'm using Linux personally but MacOS is also value that you shouldn't discard. If I had to choose between Windows and MacOS, I would gladly pay 200 more to not have to use Windows and constantly have to prevent it from transferring my data to Microsoft.

  3. Waiting to see your new review on the 2020 MacBook Air. And the most strange thing is now Apple's prices are comparable with that of the Dell XPS. In fact for the same price the Air gives double storage capacity!

  4. I'm watching this video over a year after being posted and after getting the 2018 MacBook Air myself, tbh, I don't really the new Air was that overpriced when I got it. It has excellent build quality. The trackpad is amazing; did not miss the touchscreen at all from my old Windows laptop. The keyboard is actually pretty good once I got used to it and adding a $10 keyboard cover made it where reliability and noise isn't really much of an issue for me. The display is better compared to my old Windows laptop. Finally, MacOS provides a significantly better experience compared to Windows after trying it for the first time. MacOS just feels cleaner to use and I feel more efficient when using my MacBook compared to my previous laptop. 

    Overall, the MacBook Air is just a great machine that is not overpriced in my opinion. Expensive sure, but you get a great machine for the price. Fortunately enough, Apple did lower the price for the Air by $100 as of June 2019 and added a True Tone display which is a feature that I wished my MacBook Air had because it reduces the amount of eyestrain I get from looking a display for so long. It is a great value, but I will admit that it is a rather niche product in Apple's line up compared to the previous Air.

    Never mind the fact that Windows laptops have caught with the design language of the MacBook Air; that's a given. I'm referring to the fact that the base MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro, arguably, provide better value than the MacBook Air in my opinion, and can do the job of the MacBook Air even better. Hence why I said it's a rather niche product in Apple's lineup. In order to save the MacBook Air from irrelevancy, it needs to be the first MacBook to use Apple's ARM SoCs. That way, the Air can get a significant performance boost and better battery life, and Apple could even lower the price of the Air back $999 due to the fact that they would not be reliant on Intel at that point. Of course, adopting ARM chips would mean that the new MacBook Air would not be able to run x86 apps, but once Apple manages to bring the huge library of iOS to MacOS, then it wouldn't be much of an issue, considering those apps are already optimized for ARM. Once Apple releases an ARM powered MacBook Air, it will be the de factor laptop for most people once again, at least for those who like MacOS.

  5. Tbh for anyone getting into Apple it makes more sense to go for a used, retina MBP. I just picked up a late 2013 retina and it is so smooth (atleast with 8GB ram). They can be had for about $400 and there really is no downside if you get one in good condition. Set expectations. The dual core I5 is still really really smooth on MacOS Catalina, and the NVMe storage is probably about the same as the 2019 Macbook Air, if not then it's definitely a margin of error.

  6. happy im not into that macOS. Hate that garbage and fuck apple and their overpriced products which you will pay double for cause a hair inside the machine will cost you 1200$ repair from the genius bar. Windows is just better face the truth

  7. I think ipad has had a really bad afffect on the mac lineup. Because Apple is pushing ipad pros as entry level computers the Air is forced up in price. If the Air was $899-999 it would sell and the ipad pro sales would be stagnant. Apple cant have that as the apps for the ipad is making way more money for Apple.


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