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Play for FREE our most popular local multiplayer games. Use any desktop web browser, AndroidTV or tablet as console and any iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) or Android devices as controllers.

AirConsole TOP games:

Final Drift –

The Neighborhood –

Tower of Babel –

Card and Humanity –

Silly Words Series –

:::::::::: About the AirConsole ::::::::::

AirConsole is an free cloud-based video game console that brings back local multiplayer in the most intuitive way for a modern environment. Friends play together in the browser on one shared screen and use their smartphones as gamepads.

Requiring no hardware, AirConsole offers the perfect entertainment system for you to play games anywhere, with anyone, at any time. Anyone can join by using their smartphone as a their gamepad.

Airconsole is home of over 100 great free local multiplayer party games for all tastes. Play on iPhone, iPad and Android. Our YouTube channel brings you the best trailers, gameplay footage and info about new AirConsole games.

From insanely fun party games like Cards and Humanity to cooperative games like our roguelite turn based game IRIS.

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